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If you don't already have a water softener, consider purchasing one.

If you have a time clock-based softener, consider upgrading to a metered system.

We Have Been Solving Your Hard Water Problems for more than 40 Years!

Consider Green Softening!

Reduce energy, water, and salt usage! Installing a water softener reduces the natural gas required to heat a home's water by 30%. Soft water extends the life of clothing, sheets, and towels by 15%. Soft water improves the effectiveness of soaps, detergents, and cleaning products by as much as 70%!

Why I need a Water Softener?

You wouldn't own a home with out a front door would you? Your front door acts as a barrier to keep out undesirable elements such as bad weather. Your water softener is your barrier to prevent hard impure water from entering your home. By removing calcium and magnesium minerals from your water you can further protect your investment in your home, increase your quality of life, and save you time and money.

Here is how soft water will help!

By protecting your plumbing, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and faucets from hard water buildup. Cleaner dishes with less hard water spots. Softer, Cleaner, Brighter, longer lasting clothes. Use 33% less laundry detergents. Water heater efficiency is increased 22% to 29% by less mineral scaling. Less soap scum and residue on your showers and bath tubs making them easier to clean. Healthier smoother skin. A water softener is the only appliance in your home that will pay for it`s self within 1 - 2 years of installation.

Don't have a reverse osmosis?!

Consider for a second how much our bodies need good, clean water.  Our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Over 70%!  Las Vegas is notorious for having terrible water quality.  With our 5-Stage reverse osmosis units, you won't ever have to worry about the quality of your water being sub-par any longer.  We also offer annual courtesy calls, to make sure your filters are kept clean and to make sure your water quality is kept at the high
standard it should be at.  At Rogers Water Conditioning it is our goal to keep your reverse osmosis filters clean.  That's why we call every one of our customer yearly to remind them that their reverse osmosis filters are due to be changed.